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Midromeda Official Group (and fan club)

Hello! Welcome to Midromeda!

"It is said, that the Milky Way Galaxy will merge with the neighboring one. However, that won’t happen for another million years or so… But that is what one would say if they lived in the 21st Century.
Now that time seems so far, that it is hard to believe that there were even any living beings during that time. Now, there are so many worlds, so many realities, that exist now. New species are introducing themselves. Even new worlds and realities are being created with the clashing of so many minerals and organisms joining together. And it has been like that for so many years now. To the point where people don’t even panic about it anymore, we just all grew together and adapted to each other." - Intro to Midromeda

We are dedicated to the development of Midromeda and showing this project some love with fanart or just spreading with word of mouth. Midromeda is a a project that myself and group of friends have been working on. Slowly but surely, it is developing and a story is being created. Without them, this project with go nowhere.

1. No hating and/or bashing against each other. Show each other respect and courtesy, even if you give critique, be nice about it

2. Submit to the correct folders to help keep things organized. If your piece is submitted to the wrong folder, it will be denied

3. Listen to the admins of the group. If they ask you to stop something, stop it. However, if you see an admin abusing their power, notify the founder immediately.

4. Nsfw is allowed so long as they have a mature filter on them. But nothing to where it becomes pornographic.

5. No overly-gorey pieces as it might disturbed some people (unless it is called for during Halloween seasons)

6. Do not submit to the featured folder as it is the folder where all canon pieces will be kept.

7. Want to join the creation crew? Wait til the summer of each year when Auditions are being held. you are free to work on your piece that you plan to use for your audition though. Mainly wait until the audition event is announced.


Hello everyone! So after thinking and setting things up, it is decided that the Midomeda Auditions will start on June 5th - 16th, 2017. If you want to be audition for a role to be part of the crew, please get in contact with me about which date at which time you will like to schedule your audition in the provided timeframe. Timezones is a large thing, so when you think about when you want to have your audition, be sure to also consider my timezone as well (PST) as well as any other person that will be joining me for judging the auditions. (typically the leader of the role you want if there is a leader. Allowing them to have a say if they want you in their team or not. Not all roles have a leader right now however.) You may also audition for more than one role, but you will be expected to still submit everything that is required for each role, put more on your plate.
All pieces are to be given to me on your audition date via my email, which will be provided below. I wil
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Hello contestants! Today is the deadline! You have 24 hours left to be able to get your pieces submitted to the contest! REMEMBER: Your entry will only be accounted for once it is in the OC Contest folder in the MidromedaOfficial DA Group!! ( Even if your submission is already posted on DA and is in your gallery or, it will not be accounted for unless it is in the MidromedaOfficial ggallery under the OC Contest folder. 
If your entry is not in the correct folder in the MidromedaOfficial gallery by the time it reaches the decided deadline time (December 19th midnight {12am} PST) your entry will be counted as late and will not be judged, equaling to a forfeit. Once it reaches the deadline time, the OC Contest folder will be closed, therefore making it where no one will be able to get their character sheet in there afterwards. Do NOT expect anyone to submit your piece into the group for you. You yourself must d
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Hello Everyone! There is about 13 days left for the contest! This is where everything you have been working on your design counts! I highly recommend talking to others to see if they understand everything about your design that you want them to know. It is good to have that extra pair of eyes or that second opinion. The backstory isnt as important as the character sheet but it should still talk about the character in the ways you want the viewer/reader to understand. And use these final days polish up your character sheet. You can add shading, effects, etc. and if you feel like you character sheet features all the traits you want featured, you can start to add extra to the character to help bring out the appeal, or as I saw, add cosmetics to them, but please try to also keep it simple as well. Remember though, i dont really care for how well it is drawn, i care for how well the character is designed and if the design makes sense for the character.
:iconseikoloveycakes:SeikoloveyCakes 1 0
Hey guys! Entry period for the Midromeda Contest is over. So you know what that means? Time for you guys to start on your submission! I gave plenty of time for you guys to be able to work on your submissions as I know majority you have school or have other things going on in your life. i would advise you take your time and take advantage of the large amount of time given to you. Use this time to improve your character design and story. Ask other to go over it if you want. Getting a second pair of eyes to go over your design can help improve it. If someone doesnt understand something about your character that you want them to understand from just a single look, your design is flawed and should be improved on. I believe in you all though!
As a reminder, I want your character design that you wish to see in Midromeda. I would recommend that you aim to make an in-depth and well-designed character for either a major role character or an enemy. Aim big! When I mean in-depth,
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Hey all! I have been hearing that Midromeda has been getting around a bit and alot more people are interested in its development. So I decided that for more people to be involved and be more excited for Midromeda (btw, please be aware that it will take a looong time before an episode is released anywhere as we are still in the building components of production) I want to be able to hold a contest! I want you guys to be involved and I want to see your OCs! I want to see OCs that are well designed and with a small story with them to explain their backstory and what kind of personality they have. But be aware that your character will NOT be joining the main crew of Midromeda.
To put it simply, I want your character design that you wish to see in Midromeda. I would recommend that you aim to make an in-depth and well-designed character for either a major role character or an enemy. Aim big! When I mean in-depth, I want a character whose backstory is well thought out and
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Midromeda (formerly Many-verse) Audition Rules
Hello! So with school being out, everyone has more time and less stress with school work. It is time to get the gears rolling for Midromeda!
If you don’t know, Midromeda is an animation project that we (a group of friends and I) have been slowly working on for awhile, and truth be told, it is making good progress considering the situations. Midromeda takes place during the time when the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies collide and combine. It is about a boy named Leif who finds a portal and is whisked away to this time where nearly anything imaginable has turned to reality.
I want this to be something all of us can look at and be proud of. Even if we look back at it 20+ years from now, I want it to be something that will still bring light to your eyes. So for us to be able to create such a thing, we need to focus on Quality.
On June 6th-8th, 2016, I will be hold auditions of the roles listed below. Get in contact with me to decide what time on the given days you wish to have your
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Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well. The due date for your contest submissions is fast approaching. only 37 days away! It may seem like alot of time but one month has already passed since the start of the contest. I just wanted to be able to check in on you guys to see the progress of your submissions and to see if you need any help with anything or if you want some small advice or suggestions. A couple I have already seen but I will like to see the progress of the other submissions as well.

I will like to receive a progress image of your submission in my notes folder here on DA. In case you dont know how to do so, you can click on my profile pic, on the top right there should be a button with a yellow notepad and pencil saying "Send a note." I want to receive your progress in this way so then your piece can remain private until you are ready to submit the final piece. It is up to you if you want me to give you advice or not. Simply say in your note that you do or dont want me to say anything and I wont say anything about it and keep my judgment of it until the final piece.

If your submission is traditional and not digital, you can take a picture of it and send it to me like that. I still want to see the progress in my notes on DA though.
If you decide that you want to keep your submission as a surprise, simply let me know that you dont want to show me. I will understand. I am mainly doing this progress check up to see how you guys are doing.

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